Disgustedly Upset

I’m not one to hold grudges. If I do, it’s definately not for too long. As far I as I know, I’m one with a heart. One that is willing to forgive and forget. Doesn’t anybody realize life is too short to spend it hating somebody? Well there’s this girl that just doesn’t like me. Not really sure what I did to her but just one day I patted her on the head, and I guess she used that as an excuse to break off a friendship that was probably fake all along. I don’t know, we used to be good friends. She would talk to me if she got bored in class or something. It’d usually be about video games or asian stuff. But now, I get the ICE COLD shoulder from this girl. And no matter how nice I am to her, I get treated the same cold way. I have like three classes straight with her so it’s kinda hard to avoid her and sometimes she asks me questions cause we so each other so often and I always reply with the best smile I can possibly give and I would genuinely give it. I don’t just fake smiles all the time. But this girl, man not only does she give me the cold shoulder, but she’s a HUGE shittalker too…Now if that makes you feel better, that’s pretty freaking low first of all. Because when I find out about these things, it just hurts. I now finally realize that it isn’t like elementary or middle school where two people could make up and be friends again. Some people just want a reason to hate you. My friend told me that this girl that I was a weirdo and a creep. I respected this girl a little. You don’t wanna know what I think of her now.

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Posted on Sunday, 22 May
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